white balance

You may eliminate color cast in your photographs by using white balance. The topic seems highly blue or very yellow when photographed as it would in real life. Photographers define various color temperatures using the Kelvin scale. Warmer color temperatures, as those produced by a candle flame or a setting sun, are related to low Kelvin values, like 3000 K. A neutral color temperature has a medium Kelvin value, or about 5000 K, similar to noon sunlight. However, colder color temperatures brought on by clouds or shade have high Kelvin values of 6000 K and greater.

  • Sunny- mid-morning and mid-afternoon sun
  • Shade- scenarios with heavy shade
  • Cloudy- outdoor scenes featuring overcast lighting
  • Flash- scenes lit by standard off-camera speed-lights and pop-up flashes
  • Incandescent- indoor scenes lit by standard warm bulbs
  • Fluorescent- indoor scenes lit by fluorescent bulbs

camera modes

Automatic Mode: this mode will give you nice results in many shooting conditions and it gives you white balance and focus and flash



Portrait Mode: this mode will focus on the object your taking a picture of Portrait mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject so get in close enough to your subject

macro mode: Macro mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture and it also built’s your flash

Landscape Mode:This mode is almost the exact opposite of portrait mode in that it sets the camera up with a small aperture

Sports mode: this mode gives your phots action, and makes your pictures fast or slow by attempting to pre focus your camera on a spot where the subject will be when you want to photograph it

night mode:creates slow shutter spead and gives low light on your pho. tos well balanced shot you should use a tripod or your background

movie mode:This mode extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones. Keep in mind that moving images take up significantly more space

aperture priority mode :This mode is really a semi-automatic (or semi-manual) mode where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses the other settings and it gives good lighting to your photos and balances it very well

shutter priority mode: this mode is very similar to the priority mode it gives very good mode and has great white balance

program mode:camera’s manual for how the Program mode differs from

Automate in your parucular model.

manual mode: this mode takes full control on vour camera and makes it focus verv well on vour subject as well and has great composion