Lewis Hine was born in Oshkosh Wisconsin on September 26, 1874. His father Douglas hull Hine died in 1892 and left Lewis to support and help sustain financially. Lewis got his first job 13 hours a day, 6 days a week and earned $4 per week in up furniture upholstery factory. He also got other jobs working as a janitor in a bank. ┬áHine’s professional foray into photography began in 1901, when he was hired not only to teach nature and geography at the Ethical Culture School in New York, but also photography. Lewis work is very meaningful and is filled with reality. His work shows Alot of things that have to do with child labor. I like his photos because they show how hard the kids work.

Lewis Hine | Lewis hine, Photo, People work

I choose this photo because it shows the kids being put through tough things.



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