Fetus, 18 Weeks, Lennart Nilsson, 1965

in this picture a baby was aborted for medical reasons. They took this picture to show was a baby really looked like at that age.




Muhammad Ali Vs. Sonny Liston, Neil Leifer, 1965

this photo show’s Muhammad Ali towering over his opponent Sonny Liston taunting him saying “Get up and fight, sucker!” after a victorious win



JFK Assassination, Frame 313, Abraham Zapruder, 1963

everyone knows this one nut this is a photo of former president john f Kenedy getting assassinated the morning of November 22, 1963,

fill flash


fill flash plays an important role in in photography for many things. Fill flash is used in outdoor areas when light is needed. In order to get fill flash, you need a flash attached to the camera with Ettl setting put-on the flash. You also need to have iso apeture at 11 and iso speed at 200 to have a nice outcome like my photos. And that how you take fill flash photos

favorite teacher

My favorite teacher this year is Mr. Allreno. Mr. Allreno is short funny and swears Hes good at mortal combat. he not only helps me with schoolwork but also helps me with problems that happen in my life. Me and Mr. allreno are always laughing it up but also stay on task I like to see him as a father figure because he gives really good advice.

Mr. allreno teaches chemistry. Hes been teaching for about 5 years, and I’d say has very good at teaching. I have been slacking this semester, but he seems to still stick beside me and help me a lot. Mr. A has a crazy amount of patience for kids but I know he secretly hates them and I’m his favorite.

Put makeup on portrait

1.The brush tool is painting tool It works like a traditional drawing tool by applying color using strokes

2. there’s different sized to the brush. can change the hardness of the brush so it can be darker or lighter. can blend the colors so the colors flow more smoothly

5. textured  brushes use a pattern to make strokes look as if they are painted on a textured surface